The DOTP online shop is live!

The DOTP online shop is live!

I launched Dwelling on the Past on Instagram in November 2021. For over a year, I sold exclusively on Instagram and Facebook. As the business grew, that became harder to manage, so in early 2023 wrote this at the very top of my list of goals:

set up an online shop

In typical Sarah fashion, I spent the rest of the year doing anything BUT setting up an online shop. I participated in over a dozen in-person markets, kept up a vendor presence at the Society Clubhouse in Toronto, and sold hundreds of items through Instagram. It was a great year for my business, but I wasn't any closer to achieving this goal.

Behind the scenes, I was busy learning everything I could about Shopify from educators like Heidi from Creating Magic Online (thanks, Heidi!) and checking out lots of other vendor shops to see what they were doing. I'm grateful to this community that helped me learn and gave me the push I needed to finally go for it.

In the end, I did meet my goal, sort of -- I signed up for my own Shopify trial on December 31, 2023. And today, on January 24, 2024, my new online platform is LIVE and ready for you to start picking out the vintage & preloved goodies of your dreams!

This shop is brand-new, so if you spot anything that isn't quite right, please let me know.

Thank you so much for being here. Happy shopping!



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